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More than 25 years of experience!

Our high quality medical, dental and technical translations in North Carolina concentrate on specific areas of expertise to provide you with the most effective way to translate your documents and address your partners, investors, community and employees and earn their favor and trust in their own language.

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Your ability to communicate clearly in a foreign language (such as French or Spanish) is the key to a successful business and a way to boost your sales and services in an ever changing world.

When your business requires technical or medical communication between the different language speaking communities in the United States or around the world, Have a professional translations company translate all your documents and offer you superior, high quality medical, dental and technical translations at a highly competitive rate.

“People tend to buy more and feel greater empowerment when materials are presented in their native language.”

Adarve Translations only uses highly qualified human translators to provide you with the most accurate and extremely high quality medical, dental and technical translations in the market.

We make extensive use of Translation Memory Tools (NOT TO be confused with Machine or Free Online Translation), as well as thousands of glossaries and up-to-date terminological databases being used by today’s professionals in all different fields of specialization.  If a question arises concerning a particular term, our business is diligent about working side by side with our client and/or consulting a translations specialist in the field.

Human Translations

The only way to translate into French, Spanish or English accurately and completely is by engaging a human translator.  Technology in all its modern forms, such as automatic translators, free online translator or free dictionary websites, will never replace the professional, high quality medical, dental and technical translations only humans can provide, as well as the contextual, semantic and grammatical accuracy only they can offer.