Adriana Adarve & International Translation Day!

By Donnamarie Leemann – Head of Marketing at Adarve Translations

I would like to introduce you to the creator of Adarve Translations, Adriana Adarve.

Adriana Adarve - Adarve TranslationsAdriana hails from South America. She did her Master’s Studies in Polymer Chemistry at San Jose State University in California and earned her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Colorado School of Mines in Colorado. Adriana lived, worked and studied for many years in the Suisse Romande, the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

She returned to the USA with her Swiss-born children to set up her first translation bureau. She got wiped out by a hurricane that hit Florida in 2005, shortly after Katrina laid waste to New Orleans. With not much more than her kids, a couple of suitcases and her computer, Adriana moved to a hurricane-free area and continued with her translations.

During World War II, Sir Winston Churchill said, “When you’re going through hell—keep going.” Adriana kept going, and she made it out the other side of the hell that had flattened her life in Florida.

Adriana’s primary interests—besides her passion for languages—are in science and chemistry, but she couldn’t indulge herself by following those intellectual interests. She had to make a living for her family and so she devoted herself to her Translation Bureau.

The Adarve Translations Bureau provides medical and dental translations. It also specializes in technical translations, grâce à Adriana’s expertise in matters scientific, though general translations are also part of the portfolio.

In addition, Adriana has a cadre of fellow translators who provide quality translations into and from many languages in which Adriana herself does not have expertise. Adriana is meticulous in engaging only the most expert translators. Linguistic competency by itself it not enough. Translators who work for Adarve Translations must also possess back ground understanding of historical, political, cultural, social and psychological conditions.

Some people might think that this approach is over-kill. All most people need is a document that details the latest development in dental technology, perhaps, or the most recent change in a law relating to medical billing practices for immigrant communities.

Adarve Translations can provide translations to meet the needs of dental or medical billings. Adarve Translations can also provide technical translations of detailed scientific material to a high level.

International Translation DayLest you think that Adriana always has chemical formulas in her head, or always has her head in a textbook or a translating dictionary, I’m here to tell you that little lady has a gorgeous head of long black hair which flashes and turns when she tangoes with the best of them. The best translators live the life, walk the walk and talk the talk. They also understand the current cultural context and so are able to make accurate translations of technical material and are also able to make sense of up-to-the-minute information that comes through on social media. Adriana is in touch in a social context, and is expert in all things technological.

I am pleased and proud to be associated with Adarve Translations. If you want or need quality translations, you can’t do better than going with Adriana.

Donnamarie Leemann – La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland

About the Author: Donnamarie Leemann is an artist and writer who has for many years contributed to the BBC and to many other public forums, and who collaborates at present with Adarve Translations as Head of Marketing.

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