Happy New Year!

By Adriana Adarve – Owner of Adarve Translations

May everyday of the new year glow with cheer and happiness for you and your family!
May everyday of the new year glow with cheer and happiness for you and your family!

The year 2014 has come to an end. A great year has gone by, but not without leaving us first with a wealth of success, knowledge and thankfulness for all things achieved and received, and not without bringing back into our lives wonderful friends from times past.

I would like to take this time to thank all of you, dear clients and followers of Adarve Translations’ successes, blogs, comments and hard work, for your great support and appreciation of our efforts to bring you information, facts and our unequaled know-how in the world of translation.

All our efforts during this past year, and the years before this one, would not have been possible without you as part of our professional family.

This past year, the Adarve bureau has provided correct and up-to-the-minute technical translations of legal, medical and scientific documents. Translations that have always taken into account social, historic, political and other considerations pertinent to the document and subject at hand.

Some of these considerations have had to do with how some of the material that appears on our screen does not include non-verbal communication that might provide the back story for the material to be translated, and how some of it does; or how some of the words we use matter in a cultural, intellectual and political context, as well as in a human context; as well with some of the difficulties encountered with the growing tendency in the English language to use words that have been written acronym-style and the difficulty of translating this “kind of speech” into other languages that do not follow said tendency.

Nonetheless, difficulties or not, verbal or non-verbal communication, acronym-style speech or not, we always enjoy being part of the human effort to communicate better with one another, and to fill the gaps that we sometimes encounter from one language to the next.

We have also touched on the fact that humans change—just because they change. They think, they grow, they adopt, they abandon… And so does language. Language, the gateway to communication and understanding—or so we all hope—among human beings is what has allowed us to bring to you the plethora of information contained in our blogs and newsletters throughout the year.

And, while not all our blogs have been concerned merely with language and communication, we are grateful that you have all read and participated in our communication style—without shooting the messenger—which always makes possible the reporting of world news and the exercise of international commerce, diplomacy and much more.

The translators at Adarve Translations work hard to achieve meaningful understanding in a broad array of fields. We seldom have the opportunity to discuss issues and questions verbally because nearly all our work is done via computers, but we have always been—and will continue to be—at the ready to deal with any translation and communications needs you have presented us with, and might still present us with in the coming years, be it by postcard, e-mail, phone call or even… smoke signals!

Ain’t it grand? I definitely think it is, and that is why I am thanking you once again for supporting our efforts to share our skills and bring you our knowledge and thoughts as far as communication, language, symbolism and culture, among many other things, are concerned. No need to take a tater and wait this time. Simply click any of the links on the right-hand side of this page and enjoy again everything we have shared with you this year, including our wonderful sense of humor and the sound of our translations!

Happy New Year2015We will not stop here, of course. The year 2015 will see us sharing more interesting information, knowledge and anecdotes with all of you. This past year has seen us welcoming new clients, continuing our work with long-standing clients, finding new ways to communicate better and convey our message. It has also graced us with old, wonderful friends coming back into our lives, and with new and unexpected ways to communicate again with them!

Knowing that our professional family of clients, acquaintances and friends, new and from years past, will continue to grow, Donnamarie Leemann and I, Adriana Adarve, wish you the very best for the year 2015!

Happy New Year!

Adriana Adarve, Asheville, NC


Adriana Adarve is the owner of Adarve Translations and is fluent in three languages (English, Spanish & French), as well as pluri-cultural, multi-cultural, plurilingual and multilingual.
Adriana Adarve

About the Author: Adriana Adarve is the owner of Adarve Translations and is fluent in three languages (English, Spanish & French), as well as pluri-cultural, multi-cultural, plurilingual and multilingual.

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