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A couple of days ago I received these 6 short stories from a friend, and they made my day by helping me remain centered and remember what life is truly about:

  1. One day the men of the village decided to pray to ask for rain. The day of the prayer all the people gathered, but only one boy came with an umbrella. ∼That is FAITH
  2. When you toss a baby in the air and s/he laughs, it is because s/he knows that you’ll catch him/her again. ∼That is TRUST
  3. Every night we go to sleep, without the assurance that we will be alive the next morning, and yet, we set the alarm to get up. ∼That is HOPE
  4. We make big plans for tomorrow in spite of the fact that we do not know the future. ∼That is SECURITY
  5. We see the suffering in the world and in spite of this we get married and have kids. ∼That is LOVE
  6. There was an old man with the following caption written on his t-shirt: “I’m not 70 years old, I am 16 with 54 years of experience.” ∼That is ATTITUDE

Live your life like this, with faith, trust, hope, security, love and attitude!

If we pay close attention to these 6 stories, we will realize that the 6 key words they describe are what makes the world turn. These are 6 keywords that are common to humanity, no matter where we all come from or reside.

Faith, trust, love, hope, security and attitude are words that unite us, not separate us. Let’s think about this for a minute. Irrespective of our country of origin or cultural background, we have all done at least one or two of the things described in these six stories, like going to bed and setting the alarm clock, for example, or making plans for tomorrow, even though we don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

As individual human beings, we are all unique; it is true. But at the core, we are all the same, all equal. We all have hopes and dreams, worries, doubts; we all love, like and dislike people, things and situations. We all want the best for us, our kids and family, our neighbors, our planet. We are ALL looking for a happier, more fulfilling life.

What makes us different is, without a doubt, external: the different places we all come from, the ways we do certain things, the ways we worship or not, our different cultures and languages, our worldviews. But, while keeping in mind that deep down we are simply all the same, the things that differentiate us should not be the driving force that separate us.

I believe that that which differentiates us should instead be the driving force that makes us want to know one another even better; the catalyst to expand our knowledge of one another and to bring us together.

It is well known that “knowledge is power.” And even though this premise is generally used more in regards to academic knowledge, I believe that it should instead be used in our unification as human beings.

As I have said several times already, I truly believe that getting to know one another better—regardless of our country of origin, culture, language or beliefs—can only expand our understanding of our human values, and enrich our lives.

Wishing you the very best,

Adriana Adarve, Asheville, NC

Disclaimer: I do not know who the original author of the above six stories is, thus cannot give the appropriate credit where it is due. I confirm, however, that I am not the original author of these six stories. I am simply borrowing them to forward the message further.


Adriana Adarve is the owner of Adarve Translations and is fluent in three languages (English, Spanish & French), as well as pluri-cultural, multi-cultural, plurilingual and multilingual. Adriana Adarve

About the Author: Adriana Adarve is the owner of Adarve Translations and is fluent in three languages (English, Spanish & French), as well as pluri-cultural, multi-cultural, plurilingual and multilingual.

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