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The Seven-Year Itch in Translation

Interesting article that helps all of us keep our feet on the ground. I’ve decided to reblog it too! 🙂

THE SEVEN-YEAR ITCH IN TRANSLATION (Posted by Marie Brotnov on Translation Wordshop)

Translation Wordshop

The most dangerous drivers, statistically, are those who have had their license for about a year. They start feeling comfortable and relax their vigilance even though they are actually not that experienced yet, leading to a higher accident rate. Similarly, the seven-year mark is reportedly a tricky time in a relationship. The thrill of conquest and romance has worn off and gradually gets replaced, it seems, by bills, annoying nose-blowing habits and demanding in-laws.

Translation careers go through phases as well, some exciting and some not so much, and it’s good to be aware and prepared so you don’t wreck your career through misplaced confidence or throw it all to the wind when difficult times (inevitably) arrive.

I have no evidence to back this up, but I’m guessing the “misplaced overconfidence” phase first rears its head after about the first year of translating for a living. These are some of…

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2 thoughts on “The Seven-Year Itch in Translation”

    1. Hello Marie, I am certain I could, but I prefer to leave your original thoughts as they are for now. It is important to me that people see your original article as you meant it to be 😉

      I really liked it, that’s why I could not hold back on reblogging it! 😉


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