The Seven-Year Itch in Translation

Interesting article that helps all of us keep our feet on the ground. I’ve decided to reblog it too! 🙂


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Published by Adriana Adarve

I’m Adriana Adarve, a multilingual, plurilingual, multicultural and pluricultural English to Spanish freelance translator. My primary interests—besides my passion for languages—are in science, chemistry, and medicine. That is the reason why I concentrate on medical, scientific and technical translations. I am also passionate about cultural diversity, which means that my translations always take into account my clients’ culture, as well as that of the audience for which the translations are intended.


    1. Hello Marie, I am certain I could, but I prefer to leave your original thoughts as they are for now. It is important to me that people see your original article as you meant it to be 😉

      I really liked it, that’s why I could not hold back on reblogging it! 😉

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