Professional Dental Translations

Sensible Dental Translations That Bring Us Closer

For dental patients to feel comfortable at a dental office they need to understand what they are reading in their own language. My goal with my dental translations is for patients who speak little to no English to know clearly what is taking place with their treatments and their medication instructions.

For many non-English speaking people if they do not understand their treatments they are not inclined to seek dental care. But if they do seek dental care and the instructions they are given are only in English, they are not likely to return.

When I translate dental documents I transport myself into the mind and the body of the person or persons who will be reading them. Then, I ask myself: How is the reader going to understand these documents?

Qualified Dental Research

As an example, one word used in dental care is “abutment,” which is a technical term that not everyone will understand. So in my translation work, I look for words that will be understood clearly by the reader, while retaining the intrinsic meaning of the technical terms. Thus, my translations require a fair amount of research to ensure the integrity between intended meaning and readability. For example, the literal translation of abutment in Spanish is “contrafuerte” (buttress) or “estribo” (stirrup), which doesn’t mean much in English in the dental field, yet truly conveys the meaning in Spanish.

I also translate in such a way that tailors the content to the level of technical understanding of the reader. I combine extensive scientific training and understanding with cultural sensitivity to create the most effective and elegant translations of your work.

I love working with Adriana because I know that I have nothing to worry aboutthat the work she delivers will be on time and of the best quality possible. She is an open communicator and is extremely responsive. Work with Adriana and you’ll quickly find out that you can rely on her work ethic and subject matter expertise. I highly recommend Adriana’s services as a translator, proofreader, editor and quality assurance linguist.” —Casey Charlton, River Linguistics

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