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Caring for your patients doesn’t stop at your office door. Many medical procedures require specific instructions for recovery at home. Medical document translations for medical instructions can mean the difference between swift, healthy recovery, or a slow recovery plagued by infection or worse.

In a world that continues to grow in economic diversity and vibrancy, and brings expanded access to sights, sounds, and tastes of cultures from across the globe, effective medical translations are a growing necessity. Initiating them may often seem simple and straightforward on the surface, and yet are of great importance to the success of the work we do. They are important because quality medical translations are not just about translating words, but rather about translating concepts across cultural differences.

Translation From The World of Medicine

The world of medicine, full of complex and sometimes daunting terminology, is a culture in itself; a culture with a distinct language and navigation system. Fortunately, doctors are the translators of this complex language for the rest of us. In order to guarantee that no one suffers due to lack of accurate information, and to help save lives, we believe that it is important to bridge the gap that develops when the medical provider and the patient do not speak the same mother tongue. Medical document translations written with care and understanding of the patient’s cultural background make a big difference because they bring the intended message “close to home” in the language that the patient understands the best.

Integrative Translation Services

Living in a multicultural and multilingual society, clear communication with one another is a key component to our happiness and success. At Adarve Translations we believe that effective communication in a world where we seek to blend more with other cultures depends on the bridging of cross-cultural barriers.

Bridging cross-cultural barriers is achieved, in part, through culturally sensitive translation services. At Adarve we blend cultural sensitive with a thorough knowledge of medical, dental, and technical terminologies and concepts to provide translations that are both accurate and understandable. We make our clients shine in the eyes of their non-English speaking clients, and most importantly, we help ensure the highest quality medical and dental care.

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We provide medical, dental and technical translation services into and out of English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Gujarati, Haitian Creole, Italian, Japanese, Karen, Karenni, Korean, Kru/Bassa, Kurdish, Nepali, Portuguese, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Tagalog, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese, and more… at unbeatable prices!

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