Medical Translations

The Bridge Between Patients and Medical Providers

One of the meanings of the word Adarve is a “path at the top of a city wall behind the battlements.” It is a path through which the different elements of vertical defense communicate. Applied here, an Adarve is the medical translations path that bridges effective communication between medical providers and patients.

I understand the crucial role that knowledge of complex medical terminology plays for any professional communicator in the field. I also understand that the patients may not easily understand these same terminologies.

That is the main reason why I seek to bridge the gap and create a communication path through which medical patients can feel comfortable with the medical materials, instructions, and guidelines they receive concerning their health.

Bridging this communication gap is also important to medical providers since it allows them to make sure their patients understand their treatments and what the medical providers are doing to help them maintain a more than satisfactory level of good health.

Culturally Sensitive Medical Translations

My translation of medical materials entails putting myself in the shoes of the medical community, as well as in those of the patients who will read and follow those instructions.

I ask myself questions such as, “How will a non-English speaking patient want the medical provider to understand the kind of need they have?” and “How can a doctor make sure the patients are able to follow his or her instructions and fully participate in their treatment and recovery?”

Medical terminology can be complex and daunting to a non-medically trained person.  When working with medical terminologies I make sure to retain the fundamental meaning of the medical terms, while at the same time using words that will be clear and unambiguous to the patient.

My translations combine the complex culture of the medical field with the cultural sensitivity required to help patients feel comfortable, understood and cared for by the medical community that seeks to provide them with the best available tools for excellent health.


Adriana Adarve and her team are reliable, stellar performers in the field of language translation.  Adriana’s deep experience, talent, consistent deadline reliability, and commitment to excellence stands out from those who are content maintaining “average” standards.  Her honesty, credibility, and respect for language accuracy, as well as recognition of cultural differences is refreshingly rare.  The bottom line is that Adriana’s talents and efforts result in on-time and successful translations, time and time again.” —Duncan Shaw, DTS Language Services, Inc

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