My Privacy Statement


Your Privacy is Important to Me!

  • Your privacy and satisfaction are my primary goals!
  • I only use your personal information to respond to your inquiry
  • Written Confidentiality Agreement available at any time
  • All documents & verbal information is handled with the highest degree of confidentiality
  • Private information is not shared or sold to anybody

I will handle any documents submitted for a quote and/or translation and all verbal information provided for any translation service with the highest degree of confidentiality. I do not share either the verbal information, documents or any information contained therein with any third parties, with the exception of independent translators that work in my teams to interpret, translate, edit and/or proofread said documents. I am always willing to sign confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements in which I agree not to disclose or publish or authorize anyone else to disclose or publish, any confidential information or documentation provided to me by my clients and/or potential clients.

You can request a Confidentiality Agreement with me at any time even though I always work under this condition regardless of the contract.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the use of information or documents by me, please contact me or call me at (828) 350-8369.