Technical Translations

The word Adarve has a couple of meanings, one of which is “an alley or path in a city that gives way to people, and allows communication among them.”

The technological world would be a closed system if communication among the different technical professionals in the world did not exist. Were it not for quality translations, language differences would be a major obstacle to collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas and research.

I build communication bridges. I provide an “Adarve,” or a path that allows communication and the exchange of technical information and the objectives among the different disciplines in the world.

Engineers Speak a Common Language

Engineers speak a common language, the language of technology. And yet while their spoken and written languages differ, their understandings of the technological world are the same, or at least very similar. In this realm, it is more important than ever to create translations that carry the spirit, intent, and meaning of the original text.

I help engineers from across the globe bridge the communication gap through precise and effective translations, and when I do this we all benefit and the world becomes a better place.

Understanding Technical Terms

When translating a technical document, one sometimes stumbles upon terms and concepts that are not always clear to the neophyte, or that, if not translated correctly, could mean an entirely different thing from the original intended meaning. In order to overcome these barriers and potential misunderstandings, I keep in constant communication with the client. I ask a lot of questions and compare terms and their different meanings in order to elucidate the true meaning the client intended with a given word or term.  I do this because grasping the fundamental concept is vital, and makes all the difference during the operation of the device.

Many countries can build functional devices, not just powerful countries, and my goal is to narrow the gap in the technological world so that everybody has the chance to show what they are capable of doing. Translating their technological materials into English, for example, helps level the playing field between the most industrialized countries of the world and other countries erroneously considered as “incapable of producing technology.”

Cultural Sensitivity

Another point has to do with the way technology is understood from one culture to the next. The cultural aspect of the people producing the technology, or the ones who will use it in the end, is taken into account. For example, when translating a manual for a medical device, it is important to know the kinds of terms that can be used when the user, or the patient, is female or male. For instance, when translating a tomography manual, the word “breast” can be commonly used in many countries without controversy, but it may not necessarily be used as openly in some other culture.

When we were looking for a technical translation of one of our product manuals to Canadian French I stumbled across Adarve Translations. From the start there was great communication and clear what and when needed to be done from both sides. With our products there are quite some industry specific wording that is hard to translate, these obstacles where taken without any problems. The translation was done within the set time limit and budget.
Great experience working with Adriana and would highly recommend her services. —Jan Vreeling, Boon Edam

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