DTS Language Services

DTS Language Services

DTS, originally “Duke Translation Services”, performs tens of thousands of translations in the primary areas of medical, technical, legal, and general business documentation.

Adriana Adarve and her team are reliable, stellar performers in the field of language translation.  Adriana’s deep experience, talent, consistent deadline reliability, and commitment to excellence stands out from those who are content maintaining “average” standards.  Her honesty, credibility, and respect for language accuracy, as well as recognition of cultural differences is refreshingly rare.  The bottom line is that Adriana’s talents and efforts result in on-time and successful translations, time and time again.”

—Duncan Shaw, Chief Executive Officer, DTS Language Services Inc

Published by Adriana Adarve

I’m Adriana Adarve, a multilingual, plurilingual, multicultural and pluricultural English to Spanish freelance translator. My primary interests—besides my passion for languages—are in science, chemistry, and medicine. That is the reason why I concentrate on medical, scientific and technical translations. I am also passionate about cultural diversity, which means that my translations always take into account my clients’ culture, as well as that of the audience for which the translations are intended.